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The key to having a successful aquarium with happy fish keeping your aquarium healthy. Keeping your aquarium healthy takes patience and time. Here is a list of tips that would help you to having healthy and happy fish in your aquarium.

  1. Maintenance: Maintenance is one of the most important tip for having a healthy aquarium. Doing maintenance don't just make the aquarium water they help bring down harmful water chemistry changes, and other harmful contaminants. We recommend changing 15-25% of the water each week. Doing daily to weekly maintenance will prevent your fish from getting sick.

  2. Turn off the lights: Turning off the lights at night will improve the health of your fish because fish are like humans they need rest too. So before you go to bed it is best to turn off the lights in your aquarium. 

  3. Constant Temperature and having a reliable heater: Having a constant temperature is another important health tip. Having constant temperature prevent fish stress and sickness. Remember to have a reliable heater so temperature can be always constant. Also remember different fish requires different temperatures.


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    Estudioso de los peces garra rufa y de todo lo que tenga que ver con los acuarios